Saturday, July 19, 2008

The 1377 Project, The Buttstock, Part 5

I know the project so far has been somewhat vague, but this part brings the whole project together...almost.

Drilling a hole the OD of the tube.


Parting off.

Flip and debur.

I didn't even put in a picture of an edge finder...drilling a #8 clearance hole.

Making a flat spot.

Milling one side.

Milling the other.

Sawing one side.

And the part comes free.

The clamping shoe. Those two screws are #8 button heads turned down to be a sliding fit in the slot.

The project is 75% completed. I now have a sliding stock, lockable and adjustable for length. Just the butt remains...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Yard Sale Score, Benjamin 317

I hit a yard sale in Philomath with "BB Guns" today.

I scored a Benjamin 317 for $40.00

"Benjamin Franklin", "MADE IN USA",H138014"



The rear sight.

Another view.

The plastic bead front sight, which is a bit off center...

Some cemented strap to maybe stop the forearm from slapping? I don't know.

Anyway, it's a nice example but needs some cleaning. As well the valve system seems to have a problem in that it doesn't dump all the air from even 5 pumps. So sticky valve? Weak hammer spring? I don't know. I'll tear it down later for the blog and see what happens...

The 1377 Project, The Buttstock, Part 4

Another part...

Drilled and reamed 1/2"

Parted off a hub.

Faced the other side.

Finding the centerline by using the vise jaw as a reference.

Drilling some mounting holes.

Using two drill bits to align so that it can be drilled for a perpendicular setscrew.

Mounted to the sliding rod and faced flat.

A groove for the setscrew was made on the rod. I made it slightly angled so the setscrew would push it against the shoulder of the rod.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The 1377 Project, The Buttstock, Part 3

Now the part that slides in the tube.


Turning down the OD.

A nice sliding fit in the OD of the tube.

Turning a boss on one end.

Finding yet another seems I've done this 100 times already.

Drilling 3 holes, spaced 1/2" apart.

Tapping the holes #8-32. And another part is done.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The 1377 Project, The Buttstock, Part 2

Next part...

I carefully faced off the tube and used this big countersink to debur. I really need to find a steady rest for the South Bend.

Picking up the side, so I can put the spindle on center.

Picking up the end.

Drilling the mounting holes.

Slotting the tube.

I used a #8 counterbore in the drill press to put a flat spot on the tube for the allen screws.
It was quicker to do this than swap tools over at the mill.

Look at that! The holes line up.

Another part done.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The 1377 Project, The Buttstock, Part 1

I finally figured out, mostly, how to proceed with the buttstock for the 1377 carbine project.

Turning some 12L14 scrap down to diameter, for a new end cap on the 1377.

A series of shoulders, both practical and aesthetic.

Drilling for the spring bore in the end cap. I used a letter "O" drill.

Finding edges once again...

Drilling for the #8-32 tapped hole that mounts the end cap to the main tube, or rather, anchors the breech and grips to the tube.

Picking up the shoulder, when picking up an edge like this and then going back, it's important to remember to take up backlash.

Drilling one of two holes that will be used to attach a tube for the stock.

Tapping all the holes #8-32. I should probably make some new soft jaws for that vise...

The end cap mounted.

The tube fits...