Friday, May 18, 2018

FB Record Mod. 68 and Gamo Center Pistol Finds

Finally made some time to post all the stuff that came home with me from the Findlay airgun show.

I know!  Like I need more pellets?  Well, the Crosman/Benjamin tins were 3 tins for $5.  The others were $5 per tin.  Aside from the pellets, I also snagged two air pistols.

I'm a sucker for cool airgun boxes.  Though, this hasn't always worked out well.

25 or so years old and still new in the box.  FB Record Model 68.  It's a decent, inexpensive break barrel spring piston.  The shroud/front sight is some kind of casting with a steel barrel insert. Compression tube is also non-ferrous. (???)  The seller said it had some "cosmetic issues".  I assume he meant that the color of the shroud had turned a plum color over the decades since it was made.  I was OK with that.  Its still is great shape and has some really interesting mechanical details. 

Gotta love knurled rear sight adjustment screws like this. 

And they carried that adjustment design to the trigger, too. 

The second pistol was one that was actually on my hit list.  A Gamo Center target pistol.

I believe this design goes back to the late 1970's, though I doubt this particular gun is that old.  Maybe mid 1980's?  I vaguely recall this particular model being somewhat in demand from a small group of club level target shooters in England just few years ago.  They thought it was an underrated diamond in the rough.  Apparently, that made an impression. 

Underlever spring piston design.

With a swing out loading port. 

The rear sight elevation is a completely vertical adjustment from underneath--

via this large screw.    The grips swivel on the frame with five adjustments settings.

The locking screw is at the bottom buried in the grip frame.   Expect I'll be revisiting this one.   The plastic grips have to go. They don't match the build quality of the rest of the design.  So, new grips are a go, though I know I'm still off the back making grips for that Hammerli Master from last year's show.  There's some really nice figured walnut in the basement waiting...

Appreciate everyone checking in.  More soon.