Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Crosman 1100 Miscellany

I resealed the 1100! It’s been holding gas for about a week and I’ll be doing more with it but I thought I’d share some various pictures. Reassembly was by and large just like disassembly in reverse.

I was given an aftermarket valve “stem” made from plastic. I decided to use it. Seems to work, but being new to the gun not sure how much of a difference it makes.
When reassembling in the housing I found it was a good idea to use a screw to capture the piercing end of the valve assembly in the tube with a screw while fastening it to the other half of the housing. The tube looks a bit scratched up, but I don’t care.
I found a replacement for the broken screw, it’s a later Crosman screw from some gun or the other. It’s ugly but it works.
I found some plain steel screws that were a match for the diameter of the old butt plate screws, but longer. I gave them a quick cold blue. I drilled the holes a bit deeper in the stock.
I cleaned up the butt plate as well. Just a quick buff after getting what looked like old varnish off.
I’m going to draw up the shot shell in CAD. I had a few that were split so I took them apart. My measurements varied from shell to shell so I want to take a bigger sample before I put anything up.
Pushing the wad out with a paperclip.
Weight of the shot charge.
The shot. Notice the broken one. It’s .09” diameter.
The end of the shell has a breakaway piece.
A shot shot shell.
One of the split shells had two wads in place.
I’ll write more when I start shooting the gun.