Sunday, September 6, 2015

More Misc Sling Attachments

Went off on a sling kick a week ago.  After adding sling attachment points to the short barreled IZH 61, the other 61 was calling.  Then there was the BAM B26-2 with the barrel shroud... Coming on the heels of such a similar post, I'll just kinda gloss over what I did.

Since IZH #1 got the picatinny rail on the underside of the forend, I elected to side mount the second gun.  Milled a bracket from a piece of steel key stock.


Spotted and drilled some clearance holes.

Counterbored for the socket head cap screw heads.

Then angled the sides to make it a bit sleeker.

Knocked off the sharp corners.

And polished it out.

Made a threaded backing plate from a scrap of steel.

Blued it, then drilled a couple holes in the stock and here we are.

Took apart an Outdoor Connection 1-1/4" Super Sling 2 and fed it through.

Rear attachment is identical to the other IZH 61 sling mount.  The side mount doesn't work as well in carry mode, but when using the sling as a shooting aid, it's perfect.

The BAM B26-2  lost the forward barrel band sling stud when I made the shroud.  Don't know why, but I failed to address this at the time. It was just a matter of drilling and tapping a hole in the underside of the shroud for a sling stud.  No pics of the job--it was too easy.

Was concerned about the stud unscrewing.  Given the minimal thread engagement, that would likely result in dropping the rifle before the loose stud was noticed.   A liberal coat of Loctite 680 on the threads should ensure that a blowtorch is now required for removal. 

I really am going to get to that CP1-M trigger guard and the QB77 stock project, and the....