Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flag City Toys that Shoot Airgun Show 2012

Here's some of the goings on at the 2012 Flag City Toys that Shoot Airgun Show in Findlay, Ohio.  The show was held Saturday, April 14 at the Lighthouse.  I'm not going to caption much as I want to get this up as quickly as possible.

I don't have a head count for the show, but I expect that well over 350 people attended.  All the tables were full and there were even a few set up outside under a tent.


There were vintage Daisy BB guns and parts by the ton.

Got Daisy bayonets?

The amount of repair parts for BB guns was unbelievable.

Vintage Crosman guns were also there in absolutely huge numbers.


There was so much variety.  Walther, Falke, Hy-Score, Feinwerkbau, Diana, Weihrauch, Drulov, FAS, Haenel, Relum, Air Arms, Targ-Air, Gamo, you-name-it, it was there.

Killer deals on walk-ins, too.  I saw another gentleman with an AA TX-200 asking only $375.



Theodore Summers even brought helpers.


Randy Mitchell

Need a vintage FWB pistol--or three?

There must have been almost a dozen S&W 78G's.  There was one on every other table.

Ken Reeves had this gorgeous custom stocked FWB 124 at a giveaway price.  Factory stocked 124's sell for this price all day on the Yellow Airgun classifieds.  The walnut was really exceptional.

Homemade rubber band powered gun.

Add more bands for more power.

Daisy made these Buck Rogers guns.

Saw about ten Crosman 600's.

Almost a dozen really clean Crosman MK1/MK2s

Yep.  A Feltman.

Three boxed sets of Crosman manufactured conversion kits for your .45 Auto pistol. 

The Groenwalds.

Steven Joseph

Ken Reeves

Kevin Hull and Mike Sproveri

Ted Summers was all grins.


I found the youngest attendee at the Sawmiller's.

Show organizer Dan Lerma and his wife, Angie.  They were everywhere with permanent smiles.

Some idiot blog writer with a DAQ.  (Photo credit to Dennis Quackenbush.)

And the absolute coolest item I saw today--the Daisy Atomic Disintegrator.