Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dollar Store Reading Glasses Are Not Safety Glasses

[I copied this from my main blog as proof that I still find a little time to play with airguns.]

I’m of an age that I need reading glasses for close up work. Unfortunately I also need safety glasses in many of the same situations. I know that you can buy magnifying safety glasses, but they are never as inexpensive as the $1.00 reading glasses from the local Dollar Tree.
I am a cautious person (milquetoast) so I thought it would be wise to do a simple test of the shatter resistance of the dollar store reading glasses. On with the science!DSCF2590 The dollar store glasses.DSCF2592 Poor sap.DSCF2595 My RWS Diana Model 45 air rifle. I chose it because I thought I had it sighted in at 10 yards, which I didn’t. With 7.9 grain Crosman pellets at 715 fps, it should hit the glasses with about 9 ft/lbs of energy. DSCF2598 10 yards down the length of my deck.DSCF2600 After shooting low a couple of times I finally hit the glasses.DSCF2601 First lens.DSCF2602 The other lens. Both lenses shattered and I couldn’t even find some of the pieces.DSCF2607 As a control I gave my dummy some safety glasses.DSCF2609 First shot dented the lens.DSCF2610 Second shot knocked the lens out of the frame.DSCF2611 I wonder if that’s by design? I remounted the lens and took a third shot. DSCF2614 Which eyewear would you rather be sporting when a projectile is coming towards your eye?DSCF2617Imagine that small shard penetrating your eyeball.DSCF2615 As you can see the safety glasses deform rather than shattering. 

So I guess I’ll spring for a pair of safety reading glasses, or wear the safety glasses over reading glasses. I won’t be using the readers as safety glasses.