Thursday, September 27, 2012

Modifying a Vintage Hand Stop for the TF79

Bought this hand stop off the Yellow Classifieds last month.  It's exactly what I was after to add to the modified Tech Force 79 rifle.  Thanks again, Jeff!

It's in nice shape, probably 25 years old or so.  It will fit the Anschutz-sized accessory rail I added to the forend. 

Unsure as to brand.  It's old enough to be an Uncle Mike's or it could be from Champion's Choice or even Freeland.

The 1-1/4" sling swivel comes off with the push of the button. 

Thought I'd clean it up then make a new aluminum locking nut with a handle so I don't need a separate tool to adjust position.

Started with a piece of scotchbrite to polish it up.

The green felt wasn't in bad shape, but I thought I'd change to a new piece.

To cut the felt, I first found a piece of thin brass tubing that just fit over the bolt.  Beveled one end to make a punch.

A local craft store sold various colors of adhesive backed felt.  Went nuts and bought black.  The piece was 12X12" for eighty-eight cents. 

Cut out a piece and figured out where to punch the hole.


One good smack with a mallet...

and the brass tube works like a cookie cutter.

Centered the hole and traced the outline of the stop.

Like a first grade project without the safety scissors.

For the new nut, I found a piece of 1" hex aluminum in the scrap box.  It's even pre-drilled with a 0.500" hole in the center from a previous project. 

The bolt was threaded 9/16"-18 (so I guess it's not an Anschutz hand stop or it would be a metric thread).  Used the lathe for thread alignment and turned the headstock by hand to start the thread.

Parted off the excess.

A small lip to seat in the counterbore of the hand stop.

Turned down a portion of the outside diameter.

Flipped and beveled the edge of the nut.


Going to supplement the felt's adhesive backing with a more aggressive glue.  This is designed to hold tubular tires to special high-end bicycle rims for racing.

Thin coat and let it tack.

The nut still needs a small tommy bar for a handle.


Changed to a flat-bottomed bit to finish the hole.

Cut a piece of 3/16" drill rod and faced the ends.

Rounded one end with a file.

Heat blued the handle then some epoxy (J-B Weld) and pressure to fit.

Done.  A full-sized hand stop for the gun.

Check back in a few days.  Not sure what's up next.