Saturday, April 13, 2013

Findlay, Ohio Toys that Shoot Airgun Show

The 8th Annual Toys that Shoot Airgun Show was held today in Findlay, Ohio at the Lighthouse Banquet Facility.  Despite the flooded parking lots and forty degree weather, the show was absolutely packed.  When I left, the attendance was around 300 and there were still a couple hours to go.  From my vantage point, the sellers were busier than ever and the prices on most items were outstanding.   I didn't get as many dealer pictures today as I have in the past, largely because so many of them were busy with multiple customers at a time.  We (my wife and I) took a lot of pictures and I wanted to make them available as quickly as possible.  I'll probably come back in the next few days and caption a few.  There's no particular order to the pics, it's just a hasty post. 

I had a great time.   I'll have another post in a couple days and share a few of the items I came home with. 

Click any picture to make it larger.

There were tables along the inside perimeter as well as two more rows down the center.  The room was at full vendor capacity.

Frequent Yellow Forum poster, Steve Joseph and his son. 

I traded a clean rocker-safety Sheridan and some $$$ to Steve for this early IZH 46 with walnut grips.

Ken Reeves on the left.

My wife wanted me to buy this FEG from the Sawmillers.  I'm Hungarian, it's Hungarian...  Nice price, perfect condition, but the wallet has other expenses this month.

Anschutz LG-380.

Great Walther collection.  The bottom middle gun was gone after I made a loop of the show.

QB1 CO2 rifle.

Theodore Summers brings an unsurpassed collection of small parts.  Dunno where he finds it, let alone so much of it.

Dennis Quackenbush had this beautifully stocked QB 78 on his table.  It's a steal at this price given the grade of walnut.

I wanted this Feinwerkbau Model 65 10 meter pistol.

And this Walther CP2 10 meter pistol.

And this Crosman Skanakar...See a theme here?

DAQ pistols. 

These are interchangeable barrels in various calibers for the ball flask pistol above.  Incredibly cool.  I believe these were handmade by Mike Reams.

Don Raitzer had a rack or two of vintage guns at almost give-away prices. 

I'm sending this old HW50S to Nick.

Pair of Hammerli pistols.

Invar Alm had some serious gear at his table.

There were only 20 of these Piper mini-guns made.  CO2 bottle in the center and an electric motor drives the barrels.  It was incredibly bad-ass.  Yeah, it even has a laser sight.  Because it does.

Just a Steyr 10-meter rifle hanging out in the rack.  There were so many amazing guns like this tucked into every corner of the show.

Saw two or three bugelspanners.

Probably the best walnut I've ever seen on a Silver Streak.

This was on Groenwald's table.  Gorgeous.

BSF S20. 

The custom stock on this QB was fantastic.  My pic doesn't do it justice.  Looked like a classically stocked 30-06.

Even a Rochester made an appearance. 

Greg Lundy had a table with some of his various Integrabases.  They allow you to easily mount scopes or various sights on Benjamin/Sheridan pump guns. 

Here's Greg showing off his Benjamin/M14 National Match set up.