Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Derrick drills a hole! IZH 53M

I came back to the IZH 53M after seeing Tom Gaylord review the pistol on the Pyramyd Airgun blog.

Wanted to add a hole in the frame to gain access to the trigger adjusting screw.  The first versions of the gun had an access hole.

But now, not all versions of the 53M even have this trigger screw.  Apparently, this has been omitted in the most recent iteration.  Mine is sort of a transition gun--it has the screw, but you have to remove the action from the stock to gain access.   Annoying, though once you nail the adjustment, I suppose that's it.

Removed the three stock screws.  The red vinyl tape marks the angle of the adjustment screw. 

This is the screwdriver I'll probably use.  The shank is only 3/32 (0.0938") in diameter.  I went through the drill bits and settled on a #39 bit--about a 0.0995".

Padded out the vise with rubber jaws.

Magnets hold the jaws in place.

Also wrapped some masking tape around the grip frame.  Eyeballed the drill bit to the red tape until they looked parallel.

When the gun was still assembled, I'd marked the frame at what looked like the right spot.

Deburred the hole by hand with a small countersink.  Just broke the corner.

Not exactly perfect, but it works.  Not too bad for a five minute project.

Hopefully something better next time around.  As always, check back in a few days.