Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mrod Air CP1-M Grip Modifications -- Part 2

Thought the grip on the CP1-M needed a little more work.

Padded, gently and nervously clamped down on the mill table. 

Used a 7/8" end mill to create a short pocket at the base of the grip

Took it to depth.

So I can fit this stub of leftover Anschutz target rifle accessory rail. 

Milled to length.

The finished pocket after a coat of shellac.

Screwed and glued in place.    

So. I guess I sanded off the original palm shelf--and now I'm making a palm shelf. 

Traced the grip outline onto a piece of beech.  Hopefully, it'll match.

Test fit.

Got lucky.

Penciled in the mounting hole.  Through drilled for a M5 screw then counterbored with a 29/64" for a screw cup I found mixed in with my washers.  Pressed in the cup below flush.

Needs some shaping.

A few minutes on the belt sander got it to here.  Looks good, but it's too angular to look right with the curves of the grip.

A few more minutes on the sander to soften and break all the edges.   This is after a coat of shellac.

The backing nut is a thin threaded plate to fit into the rail.

The palm shelf now has both vertical and angular adjustment--or it can be removed entirely and the grip used without.  The shallowness of the Anschutz track doesn't interfere with the grip.

The rosewood (cocobolo?) turned out to be a nice addition. 

Dunno what's up next.  That wood grip for the Hammerli Master is calling along with several other smaller projects.