Sunday, October 11, 2020

Vacation Airguns!

We escaped to Lost City, WV last week to do some hiking and unwind from the insanity of the world.  Before the trip, I had the task of deciding which airguns to bring.  Started to make a short list, but it started feeling like the hypothetical nonsense often asked on airgun forums:  "If you could only have one (or three) airguns on a deserted island, what would it be?"  Please, no.  It always devolves into a couple guys arguing the merits of whatever their personal pet gun is and you're all fools to believe otherwise.  So what it came down to:  I had room in the car for a pistol and a couple rifles.  I did briefly consider renting a box van to bring more airguns, but I'm not that far gone yet.  Besides, I'm pretty sure my wife would shoot that idea down. 

Guilt made this selection.  This old Beeman P-1 doesn't get the attention it deserves anymore. Bought it years ago (new!) from a pawn shop that was a 5-Star Beeman Dealer.  Remember those?  The Five Star part, not the pawn shop part...

Anyway, this was really an excuse to spend some time with these skeletonized 1911 grips made out of G10.  They're basically fiberglass and epoxy.   









The cutouts make for some aggressive feeling grips.

Yep.  Here we go again.  This 2260 came along for my wife.  She absolutely loves the light weight and easy cocking of this CO2 platform modified Crosman.  At 35 yards, she hit the silhouette target almost non-stop.  She did struggle a bit loading the .22 pellets.  The Picatinny to 11mm adapter overhangs the loading trough.  Maybe we need to move that Marauder magazine compatible breech over to this gun? 

It was hardest to pin down which springer rifle to bring.  In the end, the HW97K got packed because it doesn't get shot enough and deserved some field time.  The black label .20 cal pellets from Benjamin shoot well enough.  There's a 4-16X scope mounted that seems just about right for anything I ever do with this rifle.  This is one of those rifles that just never seems to need any attention.  Every time I grab it, it's zeroed for that red Coke can.

I'm lucky and grateful these were the hardest decisions I had to make for our trip.  Hope you can find some time like we did to get outside, relax and just focus on hitting an empty pop can for a couple hours.