Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Zebrawood Grips for a Crosman 22XX

I found a set of well-figured zebrawood grips on eBay a few weeks ago for about $30 shipped.  The finger grooves weren't particularly well defined, nor did the fit look all that seamless to the grip frame.  But the price was right and they appeared to have enough material to work with, so I bought them.  Looked at it as an opportunity to spend only a little more money than the lumber alone and be finished in an afternoon.  

No "before" pics.  Imagine blocky grips with finger grooves not quite fully realized.  They weren't terrible--they just didn't look finished.

After about two hours of screwing around in the garage, this is what I had:

I re-profiled the grips to better fit the frame, deepened the grooves and softened some edges.

A little sanding and they were presentable.  Arrow Wood Finish was rubbed into the grips each day for several days in a row.  Two minutes spent oiling each day, tops. 

Thanks for checking in.  More soon.