Friday, December 30, 2011

Drilling More Holes!-- A New Muzzle Brake--Part 1

Still playing with the spin index.    From the first time I saw one, I thought it would be the perfect "muzzle brake making device".  And why not?  The spin index allows for precise rotation of the work for drilling or milling.  Well, I've got to make one just for the cheap thrills from another piece of 0.875" DOM tubing.  No particular gun in mind for this at the moment.  Rather foolhardy, as the ID of the tube is around 0.635"--about 16mm, so it won't fit many rifles without reducing shims. 

Faced the end of the tube off.

Did some layout and marked off 0.375" intervals.

Squinting makes all my projects look better.

Located center.

Picked a short and stout drill bit as I don't want to spot each hole.   I believe this is a letter N.  The diameter wasn't critical.  What was critical was having enough rigidity in the bit that there was no wandering while drilling through both walls.

Staggered the holes.

Wanted a bit more aggressive look to it, so I milled off the end, cutting halfway through the outermost ring of holes.

It'll need tapered--as well as a couple threaded holes for set screws.   Hmmmmmm...I suppose this will fit the R1 or Marksman Mod. 56 FTS.  I'll find something.

Check back soon.