Sunday, April 13, 2014

Flag City Toys that Shoot Airgun Show Findlay, Ohio 2014

Just a quick post.

Made the two hour drive yesterday to Findlay, Ohio for the annual Toys that Shoot airgun show.  

Don't quote me for the record, but I think the show was about 65% pellet guns and 35% BB.  With the later mainly falling in the collector category.

There was at least a metric ton of pellets scattered throughout the show.

Big bores were well represented.

Need two Skanakers?

Or just one?

I loved all the vintage 10-meter rifles that the Sawmiller's brought.

Kevin Hull brought a few guns, as evidenced by the stack of cases.

Just a few...  And there were dozens more under the table.

One of the dealers always brings a few piles of "parts guns".  This is pure gold if you're trying to repair a thirty year old gun.   I'm not sure if they're sold by the pound,  peck or bushel.

This pellet pile was halfway gone within an hour.

Tom Gaylord was there and I asked him to look stoic.  Or maybe it was pensive.  Anyway, he brought the $100 PCP rifle that he's been covering in the Pyramyd Air blog.  The gorilla tape holding the barrel to the air tube is exactly as bad in real life as his blog pictures made it out to be.

Another great show.