Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Belgian Hy-Score Again.

I know I haven't posted much lately.  Been working on projects here and there, but given how much Nick and I have already covered, nothing has felt "blog worthy".  Guess I'm saying I haven't broken any new ground in a while.

This doesn't break any new ground either, but its just such a nice little gun, I wanted  needed to show it off again.  It's the old Belgian Hy-Score.  Recently cleaned it up a bit more and gave it a few coats of Arrow Wood Finish.    Put it right on top of the old finish and burnished it in with bare hands.  The patina of the rifle is still there, but warmer and better protected.  The grain stands out a bit more, too.

There's still a plan kicking around to make a new trigger.  Mentioned before that the trigger really needs another 1/2" or so of set-back.  Guess that'll also entail a new trigger guard.

Still on a sling kick, the slender 22mm (7/8") sling mounts from the HW35E finally found the right home.  They look exactly right on the old girl.

Even the front barrel band was a good fit.

Finding the right 7/8" sling was the hardest part.  This isn't exactly the place for a two point black nylon Magpul.  A trip to Dick's Gun Room did the trick.  They had a nice selection of leather slings taken off trade-in rifles. 

Digging through the options yielded an old 7/8" George Lawrence Co. #5 military sling.  A few minutes with some Sno-Seal leather conditioner, pure beeswax, and a heat gun on low had it looking like a million bucks.

Thanks for checking in.