Sunday, November 3, 2013

Only Part Way Home on the Daisy 717 Trigger Upgrade

Been meaning to get this post up for quite some time, but I didn't get the results I'd hoped for.  No mistake, the trigger is better than the stock 717, but it's not as good as the trigger I found in Matt61's  747.

Bought a new 747 grip frame, a 747 trigger, trigger spring, trigger adjustment screw, and a trigger adjustment plate.  I think it all ran around $20, maybe $25 shipped.  In all, it was a modest amount of money.

With the grips removed, the grip frame differences are apparent.

Hmmmmm, the bosses aren't tapped for the grip screws. 

Fortunately, the grip screws are "self-tapping".

Used a good screwdriver and made sure they went in straight.

The new metal trigger, two trigger springs and two trigger adjustment plates.

Tapped out the old trigger pin--it's a knurled press fit into the grip frame. The trigger spring fits like so--looks like I could've used the old spring on the new trigger.

The trigger adjustment screw.

Installs from the inside.

Used a small screwdriver to thread it back into the grip frame.

Like this.

Just a pic of the cocking link in case I need a reference for reassembly.  I swapped over the cocking linkage, trigger disconnector and sear to the new grip frame.  It's the same procedure previously covered here.

The plate fits against the adjustment screw.

The extra plate shows the correct orientation. 


Test fired the gun, but it's not quite what I'm after.   It's not as crisp--nor does it have the same adjustment range--as the trigger in Matt's 747.  I didn't replace the sear (part number 15 on Daisy's schematic), and that might have made a difference.  When I looked at the print, I thought that my sear looked like the one on the drawing, so I omitted that part from the order.  Except I forgot that the base of my sear was slightly modified in the "Nygord" trigger job.  Next time I make a parts order with Daisy, I'll pick one up and swap it into the gun.