Monday, January 2, 2023

Vacation Airguns and an Update

I'm off the back for blog posts.  Time to check in, proof of life or something like that.  Here's what's been going on.   I've occasionally mentioned my carpal tunnel and my difficulties handling those small .177 pellets.  The hand numbness and loss of both dexterity and hand strength finally got bad enough that some outpatient surgery was necessary.  Hopefully those .177 match guns will get used more often now.

Aside from that,  Kath and I found ourselves in West Virginia for a week of hiking and generally just hanging out at a cabin near the Lost River.


The usual airguns made the trip--Kathy's modified Crosman 2260 with the adjustable AR15 stock and the Crosman "Frankenstein" build.

After arriving, I realized that the Frankenstein gun was not set up for the 88g CO2 AirSource tanks that I had packed.  

Remembered that there were valve adapter pins under the grip.

This took all of a minute or two.  The modularity is certainly handy.   The large 88 gram cartridge gave over 200 shots before empty.  The shot count seemed to match up with what we expected going from the smaller 12 gram cartridges.  Nice to not have to re-gas after three 10-shot magazines like before the tank conversion.

The .20 caliber Beeman Laser also came along.

Haven't shot the .20 JSB Exacts, so it was a good opportunity.

Also haven't spent much time with the side-focus UTG SWAT 3-12 scope.  This rifle was originally wearing a Leupold 3x9 EFR.  Can't imagine putting it back on.  I'm finding the extra magnification helpful on those longer shots.  The side wheel is easier for me to use, too.

Happy New Year.

More soon.