Sunday, August 11, 2013

Quick Set of Walnut Grips for a Crosman 2240

I've built up several (OK, too many) Crosman 22XX based pistols over the last few years.  Largely because they're so inexpensive, perform better than the dollar amount would indicate, and readily modified due to their modular construction.  But the plastic grips--I just--hate them.  So, every few months, when the mood strikes, I try to knock out another set.  Lacking a duplicator, these are all done by hand--for my hand.  That seems somehow appropriate.

As this is grip set number I don't know covered here, I'll just give a brief recap.

Cut the basic shape out on a scroll saw, then used the milling machine to cut the inletting for the grip frame. 

Also counterbored for the grip screw bosses.

Marked, then drilled the grip screw holes as well as the associated counterbores for the screw heads.

Drilled for the small anti-rotation posts at the top of the grip frame.

Then it was shaping time.  Everything up to this point counted as tedium.  Used various sanding drums in the small bench top drill press and freehand the shapes.  There's a lot of blending to get the curves to flow into each other.

And they're almost done.  Some finish sanding, grain filler and stain were next.

Gave the grips about three or four coats of Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil.

Moments before knocking off the shine.

Some bronze wool then a waxed rag left a matte finish.

About two evenings in these for the shaping and sanding.  Another three days or thereabouts for the finish--mostly drying time.  Still need about four more sets of grips--or fewer air pistols.

More soon.