Saturday, November 11, 2017

AR-15 Stock Adapter for a Crosman 22XX -- Part 1

My wife has been nursing a shoulder injury for several months now. So when we found ourselves about to leave on a vacation that allowed for some airgun shooting, I knew I had to figure something out for her.  Spring piston guns were definitely out.  Single or multi-stroke pneumatics were likewise off the table.  I didn't want to pack the extra gear for a PCP, nor could she handle the weight of our Marauder with her damaged labrum.   Figured a CO2 gun would be the best combination of light, easy to cock and easy to shoot. 

Threw together a Crosman 2250 with an airsoft-level AR-15 M4 collapsible stock and an inexpensive 3-9X Crosman scope.  It was a weird sort of "Frankenstein" gun made up of various airgun cadaver parts that were laying around.  I'd changed it to a .20 caliber to match the ammo selection of the HW97 and R1 we were also taking.  Over the course of the vacation, the Crosman was shot by both of us to the tune of about 300 shots.  Spending that kind of time with it made us appreciate the one-finger cocking, adjustable stock and overall lightweight package.  The range, though, was a bit hampered by the short barrel and we both wanted a bit more quality than the cheap stock had to offer.   After returning home, a plan started to formulate for an upgraded version.

I ordered up a Mission First Tactical lightweight stock and a mil-spec AR-15 buffer tube extension.

In a weird twist for this blog, I don't think I'm going to show any actual machining pictures this time around.   But I'll walk it through.  I cut the threads off the end of the AR buffer tube.  An unmolested, mil-spec tube is on the bottom for comparison.

Drilled a hole in the bottom.

Then I turned an adapter on the lathe from a piece of 1" diameter pre-heat treated 4140 steel, and drilled and tapped some holes.  

This replaces the gas tube's end plug in the Crosman.

Rebuilt the gun using a rifle length gas tube from a Crosman 2260.  A slightly longer barrel (in .22 cal this time) was also installed. 

Buffer tube slides over the adapter and a single screw solidly locks it in place.  Any AR-15 collapsible stock will now fit.

Stock installs over the buffer tube and has six length positions.

The MFT stock has provisions for a QD sling swivel.  Probably come up with a forward sling mounting point in the near future.  For now, a single-point sling will be fine.

Doubt the red dot sight will stay.   It gives up too much compared to the scope that my wife likes to use to hit those aluminum cans and spinners at 35+ yards.  Also doubt it will remain a .22 caliber.   I find myself wanting a longer forend as well.   So, it's quickly come a long way, but it's still a work in progress.

Thanks for checking in.