Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reassembling the Crosman 707 Rifle, Part 1

Now to get all the bits back together...

The piercing assembly with new o-rings.

This is where the small o-ring goes to seal the piercing pin. 600-85 is screwed into the body to retain the o-ring.

The barrel is slid back into the tube.

Screw 700-31 holds the barrel in place, bushing 700-18 pressed in. I held the new ball (I have a nice collection of bearing balls) on the spring with a dab of grease.

The tap loading parts are reassembled.

The bolt 700-15 is inserted into the tube from the back.

The bolt handle is screwed in. There's a small setscrew inside the bolt handle that locks it in place once screwed in.

The valve is inserted. The screw slots on the end can be used for rotary alignment.

The bolt is cocked, allowing the valve to be inserted into place fully.

The valve in place ready to be attached with screw 700-10.

The band clamp and piercing assembly are replaced.

Just a little more to do...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Disassembling the Crosman 707 Rifle, Part 2

On to the valves...

You can see the o-ring split when I tried to remove it. A good hint that the o-ring has seen better days.

The cir-clip was removed.

The valve guts.

The valve "stem" 700-39. The seal face looked ok, so I decided to try reusing it. There was no obvious way to remove the steel button, so I would likely have had to drill out the back of the stem and press the button out. If I have to, I will, but if it holds gas then no need.

The piercing assembly.

The roll pin was punched out.

The components.

The o-ring also split when removed.

The tool I made to work on the 38T valve fit the slots in the piercing assembly as well!

Once removed I fished out the small o-ring that seals the piercing pin. It too will be replaced.

The sear. Notice the complex cutouts in the stock. There is no trigger safety on this rifle, instead you can lock the bolt when cocked, against firing.

One of the ugliest stocks ever. Why Crosman went with this plank-like look is beyond me.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Disassembling the Crosman 707 Rifle, Part 1

Merry Christmas! What better present to myself than some time in the shop? I decided to take apart and reseal the Crosman 707 rifle I recently acquired. You can download a manual and exploded drawing from the Crosman archive. The 707 is the .177 caliber version of the .22 caliber 700, which should be the same mechanically.

I removed the two screws holding the action to the stock.

The action.

The CO2 piercing assembly was unscrewed, and the rear band clamp slid off.

Now what to remove?

Screw 700-10 was removed.

The bolt knob 700-16 was unscrewed.

The tap loading knob was unscrewed and the tap removed.

It appears someone else had visited the gun previously as the spring bushing 700-18 was a bit chewed up and the detent ball was missing.

The bushing was pulled out with pliers.

Screw 700-31 was removed.

At this point the barrel is free and was pulled out.

A somewhat swiss cheese looking breech.

The "bolt" 700-15 and spring then fall out the front as well.

I pushed the valve assembly out the back leaving an empty tube.

More to come...