Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Another Breech for a Crosman. Part 2

Right where I left off...

Picked up the edge of the breech then cranked the table to center.

With a 7/8" ball mill, I cut the radius to fit against the gas tube.

It was a pretty slow cut and produced a lot of chips.

The last pass was done at high speed taking off about a thousandth.  Gave an acceptable finish.

Back to the mill (after some chip clean up) and spotted the hole for the rear breech screw.

Through drilled.

Drilled for the forward breech screw.

0.250" hole for the transfer port.

Set the X-stops.


Milled the slot for the hammer cocking pin.

Not shown:  Drilled three #29 holes for barrel set screws.  Went through the small taps and found a #8-32 plug tap.


Flipped the breech--this is the top--and countersunk the rear breech screw hole.

Left turn(side), Clyde.  Set the table stops for the bolt handle slot.  That's a 3/16" end mill.

A few passes later.  Yep, cleaned up the chips before taking the picture.

This contraption is a tilting table.  Allows the work to be angled relative to the spindle.  I set it at about 12 degrees fahrenheit.


This is a train wreck.  The breech is in an insert vise that's been bolted and step-clamped to the top of the table.

All for this little cut.

Should let the bolt handle angle downward when locked in the forward position.

Marked out the location for the loading slot.

0.750" end mill looked about right.

Just breaking through the 0.250" through hole for the loading bolt.


Luckily (OK, I did actually measure first) I didn't break through at the front into the 0.4375" hole for the barrel.   Would've still worked though.

Lined up on the front breech bolt through hole...

and counterbored for the head of the fastener.

More in a couple days.