Monday, April 23, 2012

Flag City "Toys that Shoot" Airgun Finds

Didn't go on a mad spree this time around.  Actually came home with money in my pocket.  If loose change counts...

Anschutz branded pellets.  Pretty safe bet that these are H&N manufactured pellets.

One hundred pellets each individually protected from his neighbors.  Amazing. 

This is the only airgun I bought this year.  It's a Hy-Score 800.  The "800" part is denoted by the beginning of the serial number.  I don't believe the model designation is actually marked anywhere on the gun.  It's a break-top, spring piston design.

It's a .22 caliber.  The receiver end cap is rotated counter-clockwise and a shutter opens to accept a pellet.  Rotate the end cap clockwise and the shutter closes.  Mid 1970's?  Bought this gun from noted airgun custom tuner, Ken Reeves.  Oddly enough, he was just selling it for the show promoter, Dan Lerma, as he was busy taking care of the vendors and attendees.  Expect that it'll clean up beautifully.

I was surprised to find that Nick also owns one of these exact same guns and did a brief blog a few years ago here.

Check back soon.