Sunday, February 4, 2018

A Simple Cocking Aid for the Predom Lucznik Pistol

Several years ago, Nick made a cocking handle for his Predom air pistol.  I wanted to make something for mine, but other projects were taking precedence at the time and it was simply forgotten. Shooting my Predom a few nights ago brought the project back to memory and to the top of the project que.

Some inspection of the pistol revealed that the muzzle was deeply recessed--over two inches--and the barrel was counterbored to about 0.265" in diameter. 

I found a 1-3/8" diameter aluminum ball for a machine handle in the McMaster--Carr catalog.   

 The ball and a 2" long 5/16" shoulder bolt completed the parts list.

The ball and bolt both have 1/4-20 threads. 

Cut the head off the bolt...

And turned down the 5/16" diameter to about 0.262" to fit into the end of the counterbore.

Did it in sections--keeping the overhand to a minimum--then polished it with a piece of maroon scotchbrite.


Heat blued the shaft, then threaded it to the ball with some medium strength Loctite.

Cheap, quick and no more hand pain.

More soon...