Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another Breech for a Crosman. Part 4

Working on all the small breech items to get it up and running.  I'll gloss over most of this since we've covered it on past 22XX builds.

Spun the bolt on the Taig lathe from a piece of 0.250" diam stainless steel.

Flipped it around and trimmed it to length.

Moved it over to the milling machine and found the edge.

It's supported on a single parallel.

Spotted and through drilled with a #29 bit.

Tapped #8-32.

Used another piece of stainless for the bolt handle. 

Threaded #8-32.

Stepped down to fit in the breech slot.

Rounded over the end of the handle. 

Simple and clean.

Cut an extended cocking pin from O-1 tool steel.

The factory part is on top.  There's a bit of a length difference.

Cut down a 24" Crosamn .22 caliber barrel to about 12" and cut a new crown.

Found a piece of 0.750" aluminum tube in the metal stock box.  It's got a 0.500" hole in the center.  Used the larger lathe and a cut-off tool to cut a piece to size for a barrel sleeve.

Cut a 0.625" step on one end of the tube.

This will recess into the front of the breech.  Not shown:  Cut the tube to correct length to fit over the barrel and finished the tube with an oiled scotchbrite pad.

Figuring out how to secure the muzzle end of the barrel in the sleeve.  Thought I'd try a simple o-ring.  Cut a groove.

 Found a suitable o-ring.

 It press fits into place.

Aside from a transfer port, it's functionally done.  Aesthetically, I think it still needs help.

More soon.