Sunday, July 29, 2018

My QB77 Continues to Evolve

While my QB77 rifle has always shot well, we've never had a "connection",  for lack of a better term.  This QB77 rifle has always overlapped too many of my other airguns.  There's no particular role that the rifle filled in my stable.   It also frustrates me as I find the small .177 pellets difficult to load compared to the .22 variations in this particular design.  The loading trough is far too wide relative to the .177 pellet diameter and it's common for the pellet to flip 180 degrees and load backwards.  I've had a few occurrences where the pellet turned sideways and was mashed into the breech by the loading bolt.  It took a rod from the muzzle to knock it clear.  To be sure, I'm part of the problem.  With the contact lenses, I'm over-corrected up close so that little pellet is slightly blurry--as well as partially obscured by an overhanging scope.   I should just re-barrel it in a larger caliber.  Expect that would end the pellet flipping problems as the loading trough seems originally designed for the larger .22 size.

In the meantime, I've been changing the setup a bit in an effort to make it stand apart from some of it's siblings.   Thought I'd share some of the latest.

It's currently wearing an AR2078A match-style stock.  As a departure from its similarly stocked brother, it got sprayed with truck bed liner.

The texture makes the stock feel like one of the new tactical precision rifles. 

Cut and installed a picatinny rail to the underside of the forearm.

Made an aluminum screw cup to bring the stock mounting bolt flush.


All the various AR-style under-gun rail options plug right in.  Hand stops, barricade rests, bipods, AFGs, sling mounts, vertical grips...

At the toe of the stock, rather than use a simple sling stud, I fit a QD socket.  The socket began as a KeyMod fitting.  Cut the bottom flush and used deck screws in the mounting holes.



Been trying a couple scopes and red dots.  Just figuring out where it fits in.  There's a UTG 6X Bug Buster on it right now.  Subject to change--or whim, or whatever.  

Thanks for checking in.  More soon.