Saturday, July 16, 2022

An Adjustable Forend Weight for a Picatinny Base

Sill playing around with those adjustable weights. 

Here's a few more pics of prototype 1.0 

This base slides into an Anschutz-sized accessory rail and clamps in place.














Two M5 bolts.  The clamping plate was modified from a bicycle shoe cleat insert. 




What else can I come up with?  Since I had extra cylindrical weights and rods to experiment with, I wondered how to attach weights to some other rifles that lacked that Anschutz rail.  A couple rifles had a section of picatinny rail on the underside--either for a quick bipod attachment or sling.  Easy enough.  At first, I thought about modifying a picatinny scope ring.  Looked at everything in my parts box.  Nothing had enough material directly above the clamp to anchor the rod for the weights.  Looked online.  Didn't see anything promising there either.  Somewhere along the way, I remembered that UTG made their "Ultra Slim" picatinny risers in several different heights.  




This is the 3-slot .75" riser.  I'd never even considered mounting one to the underside of a rifle before.  The hole down the center, as well as the cross holes are perfect.  Instant Prototype Version 2.0

The rectangular ID is 10mm x 11mm.

Milled a piece of cold-rolled steel (no 304 stainless this time, thank you) to size.  Located an M4x.7mm threaded cross hole...

and the M6x1mm for the rod in the other end.

Blued for cosmetic effect.

Slides into the riser.

Cross holes lined up

And its held by a single M4 fastener.

About the easiest thing I've made in a long time.




Extra rod...

Attached to a picatinny rail on the .25 cal QB.

Weights, sling mounts, bipods, hand stops, risers...oh my.  I really enjoy the interchangeability of all these accessories.    

Thanks for visiting. 

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Tech Force TF79 Small Time Updates

Wanted to get a new post up for a week or two now.  The usual stuff keeps getting in the way--the yard, the house, the job.   Finding the time and finding the enthusiasm after work can at times be daunting.  

I've shot these pics at least 3X over the last five days and the light has never been right.  Everything kept getting washed out.  OK, enough about me. 

What was the comment on the Pyramyd Air blog the other day?  "Life is not a pony farm." 

Since I've come clean about not doing much to blog about, I did make some recent minor updates to the TF79.

I was on that trigger kick a few weeks ago, didn't mention it at the time, but the TF79 was also modified.  Didn't think this would get any screen time, so no before pics.  The rifle had that funky pivoting blade that was supposed to simulate a two-stage trigger.  It worked about as well as you'd imagine from that description.  Cut it off, added a stem and made the aluminum blade shown here.



It adjusts on the rod for height and angle.

Look, I was going for low hanging fruit--and I'm an admitted sucker for target rifle accessories--so I made a quick set of adjustable weights to fit the Anschutz pattern accessory rail.  Didn't you ever look through the Anschutz target rifle accessories and want to try every single one of them--but couldn't afford them?  Maybe one will turn me into a stellar shot.  

Just a piece of 8mm rod for the shaft and a bit of milling for the attachment block.  My Aeron target pistols also have adjustable weight(s) so I made all these weights interchangeable.

In a stupid move, I made this attaching block from 304 stainless steel.  Forgot just what a pain it is to machine.  It work hardens as you drill or mill it.  Carbide tooling is the fastest sanest way to go.  Next time, I'll just order a piece of 303 stainless or some 12L14 and save my patience.  


Note to self:  Purge the scrap bin of any and all 304 stainless.

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Some Additions to my Crosman 1377

This is my old Crosman 1377 in some new clothes.  Back in January, I bead blasted a few sets of Crosman grips and a 3D printed picatinny barrel shroud for a 2240/2250.     Kinda teased some of the parts for this 1377 at the end of that blog as a work in progress.  It's probably still in progress, so we'll just call this an update.










Hey, its also got that mystery rear sight.   Even blogged it-- seven years ago.   Will somebody please tell me what it's originally from?

Anyway,  I saw that eBay seller, ezapper,  was printing a 17-slot picatinny rail for the Crosman 1377/1322.  For something like $10 and shipping,  I had to have one.  Of course, 17 slots don't fit a 1377 with the long steel breech, so the 3D printed rail was cut to 15 then media blasted and wiped down with WD-40. 




The picatinny rail on the underside of the forearm is aluminum.    

Looks like I made a new bolt handle at some point.  That brass loading bolt needs to go.

The forearm rail attachment was pretty straightforward.    Used the rail itself to mark the hole locations.

Through drilled and used some button head cap screws, washers and nuts.

Telling myself that the aluminum rail stiffens up the plastic forearm.  Probably at least 11.314235% more!   Since I want to make a new bolt, thinking hard about converting this to a .22 caliber so it matches its 2240, 2250 and 2260 siblings.  Find that those larger pellets are so much easier to handle and load.  

We'll see what shakes out. 

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Pictures from the 2022 Flag City Toys that Shoot Airgun Show

I don't even know where to begin.  The 2022 Findlay airgun show was HUGE--both in vendor turn out as well as floor traffic.  I'm just going to do a photo dump and call it a day.  Click on any pic to enlarge.

Got a leaking CO2 or pump gun?  Just get it fixed on the spot.

You could buy them by the BOX.

Amazing guy and show organizer, Dan Lerma holding a new found prize.  

Dan, I believe you just pulled off the largest airgun show in the country!  


More soon.