Sunday, February 3, 2013

Refinishing a Sheridan Stock -- Part 2

Making progress on the Sheridan stock. 

Here's the cuts of maple and rosewood glued together.  Outline of the buttstock has been traced as a cutting guide.

Planed the sides down to make sure there were no gaps.

A couple minutes on the scroll saw and it was pretty close. 

Used the sander to get it even closer.

Sanded the butt of the stock on a granite plate one last time to make sure it was dead flat. 

Test fit--it's just laying on the bench against the stock.


Drilled a couple holes in the spacer and transferred the marks to the stock with an awl.

Drilled the stock.

Counterbored the spacer.

Glued the spacer to the stock with Gorilla Glue.  The screws allowed the spacer to be pulled tight leaving no gaps.

After the glue was completely dry, I used a tiny plane to shape the spacer to exactly match the stock.  Took care to carry the stock angles through.

Not shown:  Sanded the joint after planing.

Used the dark walnut color from Minwax.

The flash makes it look much lighter than it really is.

 This is closer to reality.

I'll put many coats of Arrow wood finish on the stock over the next few days.  It'll act as a sealer and a grain filler, as well as protect the stock from the elements.  And I still need to install a butt pad.  Or plate.  Or something.

Thanks for reading.  Check back soon.