Thursday, January 14, 2021

New Rear Sight for the Crosman 1600

As covered in the last blog, I replaced the smoothbore barrel in my Crosman 1600 using a higher quality Daisy 499 "match" barrel.  At the time, I also quickly and crudely upgraded the Crosman's fixed rear sight with a make-do arrangement so I could shoot some groups for testing.  And, while the sight worked, it definitely looked like something cobbled together under duress.  Even I couldn't leave it looking like that.

This'll be short and quick. 

Here's the rear sight pocket in the Crosman 1600 frame. 

Here's what I came up with after some milling, drilling and blueing.  A couple small pieces of cold rolled steel, screws and a spare sight blade from an IZH 46 pistol.

The new sight base was milled and drilled to fit that pocket.  The vertical hole is oval shaped to allow for some minor elevation adjustment.

And a tiny milled plate. 


Like so. 

IZH 46 sight blade.   Filed the holes (badly) turning the holes into ovals to allow for minor windage adjustment.

She's done.

Fits nicely into the pocket.

Doesn't look obnoxious--and it has a jaunty rake.

There's a very narrow adjustment range since I already had the notch location from the old sight for zero.  Screwed into place and done.

Thanks for reading.  More soon.