Thursday, June 2, 2022

Some Additions to my Crosman 1377

This is my old Crosman 1377 in some new clothes.  Back in January, I bead blasted a few sets of Crosman grips and a 3D printed picatinny barrel shroud for a 2240/2250.     Kinda teased some of the parts for this 1377 at the end of that blog as a work in progress.  It's probably still in progress, so we'll just call this an update.










Hey, its also got that mystery rear sight.   Even blogged it-- seven years ago.   Will somebody please tell me what it's originally from?

Anyway,  I saw that eBay seller, ezapper,  was printing a 17-slot picatinny rail for the Crosman 1377/1322.  For something like $10 and shipping,  I had to have one.  Of course, 17 slots don't fit a 1377 with the long steel breech, so the 3D printed rail was cut to 15 then media blasted and wiped down with WD-40. 




The picatinny rail on the underside of the forearm is aluminum.    

Looks like I made a new bolt handle at some point.  That brass loading bolt needs to go.

The forearm rail attachment was pretty straightforward.    Used the rail itself to mark the hole locations.

Through drilled and used some button head cap screws, washers and nuts.

Telling myself that the aluminum rail stiffens up the plastic forearm.  Probably at least 11.314235% more!   Since I want to make a new bolt, thinking hard about converting this to a .22 caliber so it matches its 2240, 2250 and 2260 siblings.  Find that those larger pellets are so much easier to handle and load.  

We'll see what shakes out.