Sunday, March 3, 2013

Beeman R1 Laser MK2

About two months ago, I walked into Precision Airgun and Chuck handed me this really heavy rifle case.  Then he gave me that Cheshire cat grin.  I pretty much just hand over my wallet at that point.  I wonder if he takes direct payroll deposit?

It's a Beeman embroidered Boyt soft case.

Opened it up and it was holding a mint condition Beeman R1 Laser MKII.


It's a .20 caliber.  The scope is a Leopold 3-9 with the EFR.   It's held in a Beeman Dampa-Mount base.

The Laser stock appears to be a maple laminate.  It was released about the same time as the  Feinwerkbau 600/601 series match guns and the stock material and construction are the same.  The grip and the forearm are stippled.

An old receipt was still in the case for the gun.  It came from Airgun Express.  The rifle was originally sold on November 11, 1998.  Also from the receipt, I see that a box of Crosman Premiers in .20 cal has almost exactly doubled in price since then.

Outside of the old Beeman catalogs, the information and pictures of this model are pretty scarce.  I've no idea how rare they are, but I'd never seen one in the flesh before. 

 Here's a better shot of the stippling.

The MKII has a higher comb than the original R1 Laser.  The earlier version also has a rosewood grip cap. 

I've put several dozen shots through the gun. It's a bit buzzy.  I think after all these years, it's probably in need of some fresh lube.  Try to get it over the chronograph before taking a look inside.

This is the only thing I'm not in love with.  The original Beeman muzzle brake, while it works fine, doesn't have any appeal to my eye.  Probably replace it with something more svelte--like a Beeman Crow Magnum brake.

More soon.