Saturday, July 16, 2022

An Adjustable Forend Weight for a Picatinny Base

Sill playing around with those adjustable weights. 

Here's a few more pics of prototype 1.0 

This base slides into an Anschutz-sized accessory rail and clamps in place.














Two M5 bolts.  The clamping plate was modified from a bicycle shoe cleat insert. 




What else can I come up with?  Since I had extra cylindrical weights and rods to experiment with, I wondered how to attach weights to some other rifles that lacked that Anschutz rail.  A couple rifles had a section of picatinny rail on the underside--either for a quick bipod attachment or sling.  Easy enough.  At first, I thought about modifying a picatinny scope ring.  Looked at everything in my parts box.  Nothing had enough material directly above the clamp to anchor the rod for the weights.  Looked online.  Didn't see anything promising there either.  Somewhere along the way, I remembered that UTG made their "Ultra Slim" picatinny risers in several different heights.  




This is the 3-slot .75" riser.  I'd never even considered mounting one to the underside of a rifle before.  The hole down the center, as well as the cross holes are perfect.  Instant Prototype Version 2.0

The rectangular ID is 10mm x 11mm.

Milled a piece of cold-rolled steel (no 304 stainless this time, thank you) to size.  Located an M4x.7mm threaded cross hole...

and the M6x1mm for the rod in the other end.

Blued for cosmetic effect.

Slides into the riser.

Cross holes lined up

And its held by a single M4 fastener.

About the easiest thing I've made in a long time.




Extra rod...

Attached to a picatinny rail on the .25 cal QB.

Weights, sling mounts, bipods, hand stops, risers...oh my.  I really enjoy the interchangeability of all these accessories.    

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