Sunday, December 16, 2012

Daisy 790 Sight Rail Part 2 Final

Finishing up the scope/sight mounting rail on the Daisy 790.  OK, yeah, technically it's a 780 since it has a .22 cal barrel installed... 

Went through my magic box of parts and found a Picatinny 1913 rail as well as a smaller 3/8" dovetail rail.

This is clearly the best for mounting options these days.  All kinds of stuff fits the Picatinny standard--but to my eye, it overwhelms the gun.  Might be more practical, but it just looks gigantic on the slender receiver.

Here's the 3/8" dovetail rail.  I like the sleek lines and to me, it evokes a vintage look that suites an air pistol almost three decades old.

Of course, the 3/8" rail has a concave base that needs to be removed.   A six flute milling cutter took it down pretty fast.

Work is on parallels.

Taking  it down in several passes due to the overhang on the vise.  Could've (should've) blocked up the ends with jacks, but this worked.

Five or six passes later.

Some layout for the mounting holes.

Here's a jack screw.  Needed it to prevent deflection from the downward pressure of the drill.

Three holes for the long front rail and a fourth for access to the barrel setscrew at the breech.

Two holes in the rear rail.

Transferred the hole locations to the receiver.


Tapped for #6-32 screws.

Each hole was spotted, drilled and tapped without moving the mill head.  Barely snugged the tap in the chuck for  alignment.  The tap wrench is snugged to the body of the tap and turned by hand to cut the thread.

Five tapped holes later, some filing of the rear spacer and it's done for now.

Five shots and it was zeroed.  I really like this combination.

Not sure yet what's next, but check back soon.