Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick Look at a Benjamin Sterling HR81

Nick is a busy guy right now so you're still stuck with me.  I haven't got anything in the works right now, but thought I'd share a birthday purchase I made a few days ago.  It was still new in the box--a Benjamin/Sterling HR81 in .20 cal.

This gun was made in Racine, Wisconsin.   The barrels were reported to be made by Lothar Walther--at least in the few reports on the guns that I can find.  If that's true, then the barrel should be choked.  Age?  Well, the model 81 was dropped from production around 1994, so this certainly can't be any newer.

The metal polish is excellent--actually better than current Weihrauch production.  Metal finish is almost black like an Air Arms.   Hey, don't shoot the messenger.

Tunnel front sight. It came with a couple different inserts including a target globe.

Stock is American black walnut.   It's got some figure.  The oil finish looks like a simple coat of linseed.  It's a good look.  There was also a higher-end model the HR83 that had a pronounced cheek piece, Williams peep rear sight and hand cut checkering. I'll eventually come up to speed with the checkering tools for this stock.

Forend is a bit abrupt.  Almost like they didn't know what to do with the lines of the stock.  Rounder, fuller, schnabeled--almost anything would've looked better.

Pellet is loaded in a trough--it's genius.  Fingers are never in danger of a bear trap accident.

The bolt is spring loaded and takes some pressure to close.  The rear sight is an exceedingly simple open notch.  It's almost out of place compared to the front sight.   The stamped sheet steel trigger guard also detracts given the metal finish and walnut.

The small amount of mainspring I can see show it to be pretty dry.  I was told upon purchase, that the gun should be re-lubed.  As old as the gun is, I'd say that's sage advice.

Unsure exactly how soon I can start tearing into this one, but it's probably next up. 

Our friend, Tom Gaylord started to review one of these guns on the Pyramyd Air Blog.  His write-ups are here.

Please check back soon.