Thursday, February 23, 2012

Little Bit of Nothing Update

Put off making a post lately because I've done nothing new.  Been working on a Crosman 22XX build using a 2260 rifle gas tube.  Had to make a couple pieces parts, but nothing we haven't shown before.

Here's the assembled pistol.  I'd like to make a rear sight and lose the red dot on this one.

Was a pretty quick build.  Painted some stock 2240 grips with truck bed liner, had to make the bolt handle...

a rear cap for the gas tube...

added a trigger stop...

cut down a 2260 (.22cal) rifle barrel and crowned...   There was some other stuff like a new hammer spring, bolt hold open magnet, trigger job...  Nothing really out of the ordinary.

Cut these many months ago then promptly put them aside after I'd had a bad allergic reaction while working with a different piece of Bolivian rosewood for a knife handle.  These were cut from the remnants of the wood left over from the Crosman 150 grip project.  I had no issue working with that board, so, I'm unsure if I'm sensitized to rosewood in general--or if it was just an odd piece.  Hopefully, I'll be able to finish these, though I may do more carving rather than sanding to shape.

So, there's a rear sight project, probably a front sight to match, a breech, the grips...  I made a tentative project list the other day and there must have been two dozen projects on it.  We'll see what rises to the top.