Sunday, November 7, 2021

Hammerli Palm Shelf Addendum

Most of my airgun projects are driven by the need to solve perceived problems or annoyances.  I have a lot of air pistols with anatomic target grips and I've noticed that the palm shelves on some guns will occasionally move slightly unless the mounting bolt is pretty tight.  I wondered if there was a way to lock the palm shelf in position without resorting to cranking the bolt to the limit of torque.  Anyway, here's a quick modification that I found beneficial.

Came across a few 3/8" diameter rubber discs. 

These are 1/8" thick.

I milled two 0.375" diameter pockets about .100" deep on the inside of the Hammerli's palm shelf.  A pocket on each side of the mounting bolt.


The rubber washers push in and barely stand proud.

The amount they stick out is adjustable by cutting to different depths and/or shimming

The shelf now locks in place at substantially less bolt torque.  Roughing up the rubber discs with some sandpaper would've probably also helped.

More soon.