Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Muzzle Brake for the IZH 61

This blog post isn't quite what I'd hoped.  Was gonna walk through the various steps that led to the completion of this muzzle brake. However, after having the job go south several times during the machining, I gave up trying to take the pictures and focused solely on saving the part.  It started as a solid piece of 12L14 steel.  It was drilled, threaded, turned, milled, bead blasted and finally blackened into what you see below.  It's mounted to my IZH 61 Short Barreled Rifle project.  I think the little rifle is finally finished.  Here are some pics of the results.

The brake is threaded 1/2-28 to fit the muzzle and counterbored to fit over the carbon barrel sleeve.

Believe it measures 28-1/2" from butt to muzzle--with the stock fully extended. 

I've got a pretty big pile of projects, but I'm not sure whats up next.    Check back soon.