Saturday, July 2, 2011

IZh-60 Rifle Disassembly and Comparison to IZh-61, Part 3


I removed the screw that holds the bolt stop in the breech but it wouldn’t come out.


So I repeatedly flicked the bolt under its spring’s power and it came out.




The bolt seems to hang up on the rather sharp transition between the main diameter and the probe, so that will need to be addressed.


Removed one pin…


Trigger and transfer bar (?) units.




Another view.


I removed the stop screw.


Tiny screw.


And rotated and pulled off the cutoff for the cocking lever.


It’s a neat part.


It was spring loaded.


I was going to remove the front catch pin for the cocking lever as it also holds the front breech cap in place but…


Looks to have been peened in at the factory, so best to just leave it be.


And last, the spring, compared with one from an IZh-61. The broken spring had 3 or so less coils and was .118 vs .100 diameter wire and was smaller in both inside and outside diameter. I think it may have been an attempt to get more power by a previous owner as I would assume it would have the same spring as the IZh-61. But who knows.
Now to clean, lube, repair and replace items and get it up and running. Then figure out what sort of sights to put on it.

Friday, July 1, 2011

IZh-60 Rifle Disassembly and Comparison to IZh-61, Part 2

On I go…


The stocks are definitely different lengths.


The internal molding is different as well.


The 61’s stock also has had the mold seam removed.


Side by side you can see the difference in the trigger groups.


I’m still in love with the monolithic nature of the breech.


I was wondering what that screw is for.


It’s a stop for the cutoff that prevents the trigger from being pulled when the lever isn’t in place.


Clear to fire.


Notice that the sear return spring (?) is adjustable on the IZh-60.


Another breech shot…


The 60 has two trigger screws, which seem to imply more adjustment, so I’ll have to play with them. One is backed out all the way so perhaps you are meant to use one or the other.


Pointed screws. More to come…

Thursday, June 30, 2011

IZh-60 Rifle Disassembly and Comparison to IZh-61, Part 1


Derrick sent me this older steel breech version of the IZh-60. This post should be called “IZh-60 Rifle (Early Steel Breech) Disassembly and Comparison to the IZh-61 Rifle (Later Plastic Breech)”, but that’s a rather long title.


The rifle seems heavier (note to self, weigh both when I have it reassembled!) due to the steel parts.


It’s a single shot, rather than a 5 shot repeater like the IZh-61.


Just a massive breech block.


The one Derrick sent is missing the front cap, giving the plastic stock a ramjet look. This will need to be plugged.


A side by side comparison of the two. (Note that this IZh-61 is an earlier model than the latest IZh-61, but later than the steel breech versions.)


Barrel bands. The IZh-60 is missing iron sights.


As you can see here the end of the barrel is different.


The IZh-61 is threaded for the front sight. Not sure what the IZh-60 sight should look like.


Both have plastic cocking lever handles, because Derrick stole the steel one from the 60 for his 61. I can’t say as I blame him one bit as I don’t really care either way.


The stocks are slightly different in length (more on that later).


Compare and contrast.


There’s a subtle color variation to the stocks as well, the 60’s is blacker.


The stock screw is held by a ring to prevent it falling out. All the 60’s screws are machine screws where the 61’s are more like wood screws to better hold in the plastic.


Barrel band.


It’s pretty complex!


The trigger unit is definitely different (more on that later).


Disassembly is pretty much the same, you have to twist the end cap to remove it.


The spring is broken…again, more on that later as well.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Champ in Pellet "Tins"

Haven't found any time since adding the accessory rail to the Haenel 303 last week. Figured I'd check in with a quick post.

Been buying pellets for a few decades now and was almost surprised one day to find that the pile has gotten to what can almost be considered a "collection". Seems I buy them faster than I can shoot them.

About four shelves like this. All the major four calibers: .177, .20 .22 and .25 cal. Probably have well over 70k pellets from various companies. I like the variety.

Some of the older, less encountered.

I've been buying up old odds and ends for over thirty years. I can remember when there was a time when "vintage" pellets were just "old" pellets. And, yikes, this doesn't even scratch the surface, it's just what I carried over to the bench.

So, out of all of these pellets, what's unique or interesting? It's just lead after all.

I narrowed it down to one--Arlaz .177 cal wadcutters from Spain. Out of production, long gone from circulation, but what great packaging--so simple and well designed, it's genius.

The top and bottom halves slide over each other. Hold the bottom stationary and spin the top half. Arlaz even greased the two halves so it's easy to turn.

Each piece has a large hole in the side.

Rotate to align the holes...

and shake some pellets out.

Twist the holes out of alignment and it's closed. No press fit lids that pop open unexpectedly in the pocket or gun case. Well done, Arlaz.

More soon.