Thursday, October 21, 2021

Match Grips for the Hammerli Master -- Part 3

Part 1

Part 2


Picking up where I left off...

Mentioned previously that the bubinga board was a bit on the small side for an adjustable grip.  Elected to use a piece of padauk for the palm shelf.

Rough cut.

Back to the mill and cut an adjustment slot into the grip.

And the palm shelf gets a mounting hole.

Which also gets counter bored.  Here, I used a 4 flute end mill.

Didn't like the mock up.  The heel of the grip needs to extend rearward almost an inch.

Would've cut it that way at the start, but did I mentioned the board being small?  Found a cut-off from the initial shaping on the scroll saw.

A bit of sanding and shaping until it fits against the heel.

Like so.

Epoxy and a clamp.

Almost sanded flush.

Much better.

Found a small crack when I sanded the bottom of the grip,

Let the glue wick into the crack and saturate the wood.

A couple applications over half an hour or so until the crack was overfilled.  Sand it flush later

And re-cut the back of the palm shelf.

Almost done.  

Should have the final installment posted in a few more days. 


Paul said...

Lovely! I really like how you're pulling this all together. That new "tail piece" really looks good and should improve the handling properties of the pistol as well.

JD said...

You're doing a great job for someone who claims not to be a woodworker! The grip is really looking good. I have a bit of padauk on hand, but I think I might try using some sappele, for a set on a PP800.