Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reanimating a HW80K, Part 3

On I go...

Checking the barrel with a straight edge. My friend Jim had visted earlier and looking at the rifle felt the barrel was belt to the side. I saw this as well...

It does seem as though it's bent. But that shouldn't necessarily cause an accuracy problem?

Playing around I was pulling in the barrel. At the juncture of the top of the barrel with the breech block I saw a thin line.

And when I pulled up on the barrel a line of grease appeared (hard to see). This is odd and while I'm certainly not an expert as far as I know the barrel should not be loose in the breech block.

Only one thing to do...I pressed out the well hidden pin that locks the barrel in the block.

It's countersunk.

But the flared over end straightened out.

Pressing out the barrel.

It was straight knurled.

The grease I wiped off of the knurled portion.

And the grease I wiped out of the breech block.

So at the end near the muzzle end of the breech block it is .6279" dia.

In the middle .6332"

At the breech end .6342"

The hole is tapered from .632" at the breech end... .636" at the muzzle end. So the hole is too big and tapered and the barrel too small and tapered. Thus it was only really anchored by the breech end. This would certainly cause some trouble with accuracy?
I can only guess as to why the barrel is in this condition.

Obviously there's more to come...


joeengineer said...

Wow, was it used as a walking stick in its past life or a crow bar?

Felice Luftschein said...

Probably a baseball bat.

Unknown said...


Bent screws. Broken forestock bracket weld. Breech block cracked at the top (muzzle end). All adds up -- this gun was 'triggered-off', triggered while the barrel was broken open, and the barrel allowed to slam home. The bent and broken parts probably saved the stock wrist from shearing. I'm interested to see what you do with the breech block. My inclination would be to replace the barrel assembly. Brazing might effect the best repair.

Good luck with it,

Unknown said...


Been reading multiple blog posts of yours, and took great ideas in doing my 2240 builds. However I have a HW90 barrel in its original breech block, I cannot find the Barrel Locking cross pin. What is your method for finding it? I am using the barrel to convert my Hatsan 135 to .25, as the .25 model isn't available in Canada.

Felice Luftschein said...

Easiest would be to lightly sand the blue, which should leave a blue ring around where the pin meets the block. Use a magnifying lens if you have trouble seeing it? It could be well blended though in which case I'm not sure.