Monday, October 13, 2008

Derrick Works his Magic on a Crosman 38T, Part 2

Derrick's chronicle continues...

Left side: Original .177 cal pellet cylinder. Center rotation hole is 1/8" dia. Right side: Ebay purchased. Bored out for .20 cal pellets. Center hole is 13/64".

Need to either bore the original cylinder out to .20 cal or make a bushing for the replacement cylinder. I'll try the bushing route first.
First, I turned down a piece of round brass stock to fit the bored out cylinder.

Facing off a brass rod. Yeah, I know there's other tools for this. It was already in the tool post and it cuts like a laser beam. I made the tool to crown barrels.

A slightly blurry pic of the drill at work. Is there an easier way to drill holes in the center or round stock? Nyet.

Bushing installed. It was a snug fit to start, so I added a little super glue just for overkill. It's not going anywhere. The pin keeps it captive as there's not enough room for it to back out.

The 38T's new .20 cal barrel cut to final length and a target crown.

Oh dear God, what am I getting into? I've got minimal woodworking ability. Wait. I've just got minimal ability.

Everybody was kung-fu scroll sawing. It can (will) only go downhill from here. It was a perfectly good walnut board until I got hold of it.

Thick and chunky! You'd probably think I had a plan before I wasted $12 worth of walnut and precious time on a gun that doesn't shoot fast enough (yet) to cut clean scoring holes in a 10 meter target. Well, you'd think....

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