Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Early Sheridan Model C, Part 1

I picked up this early Sheridan Model C at a yard sale the other day. It has many differences that make it interesting in comparison to the other Model C Sheridans we’ve covered on the blog. Lucky for me it needs some TLC and a reseal.DSCF2795 The rifle.DSCF2796 Straight bolt handle, grooved receiver, thumb safety.DSCF2799 First problem, a broken screw on the sight assembly.DSCF2800 Some wear and tear on the forearm.DSCF2802 An American classic.DSCF2803 Notice the end cap is held by screws.DSCF2805 Stock dings.DSCF2806 Forearm ding, lovely front sight profile.DSCF2809 Proof that there are always bargains to be had at yard sales.DSCF2810 Notice the trigger guard is retained by screws.DSCF2812 More dings.DSCF2813 Digging into it.DSCF2815 They are interesting screws.DSCF2818 Notice the thumb safety interacts with the trigger/sear differently than later rifles.DSCF2819 Another view.DSCF2821 I removed that broken screw in the sight assembly.DSCF2822 The screw bit into the barrel.DSCF2825 Sight assembly.DSCF2826 Simple.DSCF2827Note the dimples that retain the other side against the barrel/air tube groove.

More to come.

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