Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dollar Store Reading Glasses Are Not Safety Glasses

[I copied this from my main blog as proof that I still find a little time to play with airguns.]

I’m of an age that I need reading glasses for close up work. Unfortunately I also need safety glasses in many of the same situations. I know that you can buy magnifying safety glasses, but they are never as inexpensive as the $1.00 reading glasses from the local Dollar Tree.
I am a cautious person (milquetoast) so I thought it would be wise to do a simple test of the shatter resistance of the dollar store reading glasses. On with the science!DSCF2590 The dollar store glasses.DSCF2592 Poor sap.DSCF2595 My RWS Diana Model 45 air rifle. I chose it because I thought I had it sighted in at 10 yards, which I didn’t. With 7.9 grain Crosman pellets at 715 fps, it should hit the glasses with about 9 ft/lbs of energy. DSCF2598 10 yards down the length of my deck.DSCF2600 After shooting low a couple of times I finally hit the glasses.DSCF2601 First lens.DSCF2602 The other lens. Both lenses shattered and I couldn’t even find some of the pieces.DSCF2607 As a control I gave my dummy some safety glasses.DSCF2609 First shot dented the lens.DSCF2610 Second shot knocked the lens out of the frame.DSCF2611 I wonder if that’s by design? I remounted the lens and took a third shot. DSCF2614 Which eyewear would you rather be sporting when a projectile is coming towards your eye?DSCF2617Imagine that small shard penetrating your eyeball.DSCF2615 As you can see the safety glasses deform rather than shattering. 

So I guess I’ll spring for a pair of safety reading glasses, or wear the safety glasses over reading glasses. I won’t be using the readers as safety glasses.


Anonymous said...

Your safety glasses should say Z87 on the frame or temple to be certified as safety glasses. Safety glass for high impact will say Z87+.

If you dick with lasers, welders tints will not work. Your safety glasses should have a wavelength(S) and matching optical density (OD). How much OD? Sorry that depends on power, beam diameter, type of laser...Check with the manufacturer.

Good article, it's a valuable lesson about protecting your eyes.


Andre Gross said...

I've tested cheap (real) safety glasses before. They do not shatter with a 900 fps crosman quest. I still have them, I can shoot them with a .22lr if you'd be interested in the results.

Anonymous said...

Guys ...

I would suggest that anyone who uses "reading glasses" and wants approved safety glasses go and visit his local welding supply store. I don't mean the welding department at the farm supply store. Go to the place where they will fill the welding gas tanks. You will find your "reading" glasses with safety glass. I bought a pair for welding! For air gunning they are perfect and I use them all the time. They are bifocals, and I would not have bought them if they were expensive.

Unknown said...

Standard reading glasses definitely don't function as reading glasses. I also need reading glasses at my age. I just put my safety glasses over my reading glasses when I need both.
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