Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Some Tweaks to My IZH 61

Thought I'd check in and show a few minor changes I recently made to my IZH.

Removed the steel muzzle weight/sight base and made a carbon fiber sleeve with an aluminum base for the Weihrauch front sight.  The aluminum is bonded to the carbon with a two part epoxy.  It's mechanically simpler than the steel base, and I think it'll be easier to keep dialed in.

Revisited the forward sling attachment.  A modified keymod QD fitting tidies up the forend and makes sling attachment/removal effortless.

Also swapped the large target diopter sight for this lightweight Daisy model #5899.   It was too low to dial in with my HW front sight, so a sliver of a 11mm dovetail riser made up the necessary height.

Finally, I've had this old Redfield adjustable aperture disc for at least 30 years.  It was either my father's or my grandfather's.   Probably came off an old Winchester 52 target rifle.   A simple thread adapter was machined to fit the Daisy.  

That's about all I've got for the moment.  

More soon. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Remington Summit in a Benjamin NP2 Stock ???

Told my co-blogger, Nick, that I wasn't going to post this, as the entire project was just an exercise in frustration.  

Anyway, we do like content, so here's the gist:  The stock was cracking on my old Remington Summit air rifle.  Some online research suggested that a Benjamin NP2 stock could be a drop-in fit. After ordering a replacement NP2 wood stock, I discovered that some things on the internet aren't exactly true. The forend holes don't quite line up and the spring tube end cap is about 3/4" too short,  the inletting doesn't quite match in critical areas... And that was just the obvious stuff.  Truthfully, it was just looking like more work than I wanted to put into a Remington Summit.  At the very least, this was a project that I'd really need to be in the mood to tackle.

I leaned the NP2 stock against the wall and tried to forget about it.  About six months--OK, maybe a year and six months later--I finally got the urge to see if it would work.

Took zero pics of this in process.  Was sure it was going to end up in the trash with the original Summit stock.    The forend screw holes were off location by just a bit more than 1/16"  Had to go forward and slightly up.  This also entailed shifting the counterbores a very small amount.

A new end cap was turned from a piece of 1-1/4 black acetal.

Here's a better shot of that endcap.  Cut the radius freehand then fit it to the spring tube.  

There was work with a router to get the trigger unit to fit.  A long shelf also had to be cut in the right side inletting--and wood added--for the cocking lever roller. 

The Remington's single scope stop hole wasn't in a useful place, so I drilled another.  The scope rings are from VISM.   Of course, they didn't have a recoil stop pin, so that got machined into the rear ring.

Even the rear action screw through the trigger guard needed modification.

After all that work, and the rife finally functional, I found that the cheek piece was too low. With a good cheek weld on the stock, the bottom of the recoil pad hit me mid shoulder. 

The quickest and easiest fix was to make the recoil pad vertically adjustable as I did for the QB 77 rifle.   Since I still had the raw material, I cut another butt plate from my nemesis plastic--UHMW PE.  And like the QB project, after all the shaping, I again struggled with the surface finish; lots of fine scratches that won't polish out.  After wet sanding and various attempts at polishing,  I tried bead blasting it.  Figured maybe some texture would blend the finish.  Used a fine glass media then wiped it down with a silicone rag. 

The bead blasting really did the trick.

In retrospect, the project was frustrating because it wasn't even remotely close to what I was expecting.  At least the Remington is finally in a new stock.  A stock that absolutely, positively is not a drop in fit.  No thanks to the damn internet.

Made some small tweaks to my IZH 61 a while back.  Try to get something posted later this week.  Thanks for checking in.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

FB Record Model 68 Pistol Disassembly, Part 2

record20Oh look, another clip…record21Small taper head lock screw for the pivot bolt.record22record23Then the pivot bolt unscrews.record24Pretty standard breech seal. Barrel is an insert in the cast assembly.
Barrel locking lug fits into a cast profile hole.
Rear sight disassembly, remove a clip…
Not a ball bearing detent, a half round pin detent. Neat.record31record32I don’t think that pin on the right is meant to be removed as it retains the elevation detent.record33Elevation uses a ball detent. record34record35record36Trigger/sear details.record37record38Two small pins retain the trigger and sear. record39record40record42Straightforward. The cutout screw sets the sear engagement.record43record44Another ball detent.record49
All done! Reassembly should be the reverse, will post more if any surprises come up.

FB Record Model 68 Pistol Disassembly, Part 1

Derrick gave me the FB Record Model 66 Pistol he picked up at the airgun show, such a nice guy. There’s not a whole lot of information on these out there and I wasn’t able to find a good disassembly guide.
It was a tad oily with silicone but otherwise is great shape.
One side is headed pins…
The other e-clips holding those pins in…record05
I really love the use of threaded inserts in the well molded grips.record06
I clamped it in the spring compressor for lack of any other good idea. I couldn’t clamp around the frame as it lifts off when the pins are removed – the same pins that retain the end cap. record07I then started removing pins, starting with the middle ones and ending at the one that retains the end cap. Notice the clips…record08record09Backing off the tension. If I were to do it again I would first remove the read sight and I would carve a dedicated block to mate the profile of the end cap. But this works. The spring is under more tension than I would feel comfortable dealing with without a compressor.record10record11I must have attention deficit disorder as these pics were the next on my camera. Nothing too exciting about it, just need to pay attention to the handedness of the cocking arm when reinstalling.record13Moderately long spring in ok shape.record45record46I swear this pistol was produced by the e-clip lobby. As best I can tell the clip functions like a washer allowing the spring to rotate against the spring guide.record47record48record14A good condition seal.record15The rear sight is well engineered and integral to the cap.record16record17record18record19
More to come…