Thursday, July 17, 2014

Early Sheridan Model C, Part 3

On I go…DSCF2876One pin for the trigger assembly. DSCF2877This shows two springs, a heavier one for the trigger and a lighter one for the safety. Good to note so they don’t get swapped. DSCF2878The safety spring slips into a recess in the top. DSCF2880 Trigger parts.DSCF2881The safety pin is staked in and there is no reason to remove the safety. DSCF2884I would love to see the fixture that holds the end cap and stakes the pin in place. DSCF2887Three screws, the bottom one is a flat head. DSCF2889Hammer, spring guide pin, hammer spring, end cap. DSCF2896Removed the valve bits with a standard valve tool and puller. Notice the conical exhaust valve spring.  DSCF2897Interestingly the current replacement valve is the same length, while both are shorter than those used on interim models that have a pressed in pin to lengthen the valve stem. DSCF2900But the boss on the end is larger on the replacement… DSCF2901And will not fit in the end of the exhaust valve spring. DSCF2904So I decided to take a bit off, hoping that there was enough material. DSCF2905And it appears there was. DSCF2907I dug out the other lead seal – on later models a rubber seal is used for the forward seal.  DSCF2909The trigger guard needs removing. DSCF2911An offset screwdriver does the trick. DSCF2914Will have to clean it up a bit. DSCF2915Interesting dings in the pump rod linkage. DSCF2918Lots of adjustment left, so I should be fine making a pump cup adapter. DSCF2921Preliminary sketches and measurements.
So now I need to make the cup adapter, clean all the parts and refinish the stock. Should take a while.

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