Thursday, July 17, 2014

Early Sheridan Model C, Part 2

On I go…DSCF2829Two roll pins removed.  DSCF2832 Nice square rubber bumper in the forearm slot.DSCF2834 Odd dings on the pump lever. Note the flat spring down in the slot.DSCF2835Formed bushing. DSCF2836It’s always risky when pushing the roll pins out of the forearm, especially when they have complex grain as this one did. countersinking the hole edge can help, but it’s no guarantee. In this case it popped a small chip out. Not a disaster, it will be barely noticeable when glued back in and refinished.  DSCF2838 A small piece of rubber behind the square bumper…DSCF2840 DSCF2841 I just find it interesting. An afterthought at the factory or did a previous owner jam a scrap of rubber into the forearm?DSCF2843 The linkage is color case hardened.DSCF2845 Cam plate and screws. One screw has started to strip.DSCF2847 The bolt, notice the lack of an o-ring groove. It uses a metal-to-metal conical seal, like the old Crosmans.DSCF2851 Pump rod & cup.DSCF2852 It was oiled by the previous owner, but did not respond, being hard as a rock.DSCF2853 An adjustable rod at both ends, unlike the current pump rod.DSCF2856 Digging out the old pump cup.DSCF2866 A pile of rubber. I believe the old cups were molded in the part, not separate.DSCF2868 A new pump cup does not fit the old part. Will have to make an adapter.DSCF2871 The end cap is held by screws.DSCF2873 Three screws, one under the sear/trigger.DSCF2874 Detail of the safety.DSCF2875Somewhat interesting.

More to come…

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Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post. I'm enjoying it 6 years later though!
I just acquired the same rifle pretty sure it's a 1959. I hope there's a part three to this with some chronograph testing.

Thanks for sharing!