Sunday, March 28, 2010


Well it's been two years since we started the blog, with my post on fixing the Predom rear sight. I had initially planned to only post once a week or so but Derrick and I have written a post every two days on average. We hope you've found a odd tidbit or two of useful information. We'll keep messing with perfectly good airguns for no good reason until we work our way through the entire Blue Book of Airguns or our wives leave us.

If you're new to the blog you can see the index of all posts to get an idea what we've covered thus far. I recently added a Google search bar and a list of post labels in the sidebar.

We're always looking for beater airguns to work on, and any and all donations are useful to our project. We don't have sponsors (although we wish we did) and we don't work on airguns for a living (good thing!) so what you see is entirely from our meagre hobby budgets.

Here's a picture of a Benjamin Rocket 77 so you don't get bored.

More posts to come shortly!


Ryan said...

Yippee and congrats, Nick and Derrick!

Anonymous said...

I always find something of interest to check out on your blog-site. Good stuff. Thanks.

Fred S.