Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Butt Plate For the Crosman 180

This is a boring post, but the work had to be done...

Derrick sent me this butt plate. He has no idea what it's off of.

It had bosses on the underside.

Using my relatively inaccurate method of finding the centerline.

Existing holes plugged and the hole locations marked.

I drilled for the bosses with what turned out to be a very dull Forstner bit. Need to buy a good set of these at some point.

I decided to use #10-24 machine screws. Coarse pitch machine screws work fine in wood, especially dense hardwood.

I marked up the plate with a silver Sharpie and scribed the outline. I nibbled off most of the waste with the bandsaw.

Coarse sanding done. The plate was made of some sort of hellish smelling phenolic. I had to wear a dust mask and basically wanted to burn my clothes afterwards. The dust was that nasty.

I finished up with wet/dry silicon carbide which kept the dust under control. It isn't perfect but it continues the lines pretty well. I would have put more time into it but the material didn't make it fun.

The good stuff comes next...

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Josh C. said...

is it just me or the crosman 760/66 air rifle seem to be identical except for the barrel assembly and possibly minor piston cup and length differences.