Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A New Crosman 22XX--Breech Cap and Cocking Pin

Still (slowly) working away at all the bits and pieces to finish this 2250 pistol.

Needed an end cap for the steel breech. Not sure how exactly I ended up with a Crosman steel breech missing all the assorted bits and pieces...Anyway, I began with a short length of 0.500" diameter drill rod.

Turned the end down to about a quarter inch to fit into the end of the breech.

A Crosman breech plug served as a model.

It's too long because I needed something to hold in the chuck.

Cut the excess off.

Just free-handed the end. If you move the carriage and the crosslide simultaneously, you can cut concave or convex shapes if you're careful. Or you can trash the part in fractions of a second--it's all part of the learning curve. Things worked out fine this time around.

Just needs the clearance hole for the rear breech bolt.

Used the breech itself as the jig. Clamped the breech in a small machinist's vise and bolted it to the drill press table. Aligned through the hole without the plug in place, then installed and through drilled.

Another view.

Blued with Birchwood Casey Perma Blue paste. It's almost a dead-ringer for the Crosman part.

The hammer (striker!) needs a cocking pin. Again, a Crosman part is shown as a reference. A piece of 0.250" O-1 tool steel should do nicely.

Faced off each end and duplicated the part.

Halfway home. Matched the lengths of the ends to the stock component.

The new hammer, breech cap and cocking pin.

Still need a bolt, bolt handle and an end cap for the gas tube, then I think I can slap this thing together. Finally settled on .22 cal. Had to make a caliber decision before turning the bolt. Finding a spare .22 cal barrel from a previous project gun in the parts box sealed the deal.

More to come.

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