Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Haenel 311 Disassembly

All Haenels, all the time...

The Haenel 311. It doesn't catch when cocked.

A nice aperture sight. This will get its own post, later.

Unlike the 310, this is a tap loading .177 cal. pellet rifle.

Disassembly is largely the same as with the 310, see those posts for more details. (Part 1, Part 2)

The stock screws.

As I mentioned in my last post, this spring keeps tension on the trigger cutoff linkage.

The pivot pin for the cocking arm is retained by c-clips, unlike the 310.

When I removed the plug from the end of the action, I saw this ball...

Odd. Certainly not supposed to be there.

The piston is almost identical to the 310's, except it lacks the probe tip for loading from a magazine.

The face of the piston is a large screw head. No special tool needed. Important to remember to loosen the lock screw before unscrewing the piston.

The piston assembly.

Notice the hole in the cap? That's where the ball bearing goes, with that rubber plug as a spring to hold the ball against the detent grooves in the safety. The 310 has the same mechanism, I just didn't notice it.

The tap loader.

I removed the plate.

The ball detents.

There's a small spring for the ball detent.

And another ball that acts as a bearing for the tap.

The other side has a plate too.

With a small divot for the tap ball to ride on.

Anyway, that's most everything taken apart. Now I have to clean it, reassemble and hope that clears up the problem with cocking. I didn't see anything obviously wrong with it.

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