Friday, November 13, 2009

Haenel 310 Disassembly, Part 1

I recently bought a Haenel 310-2 and Haenel 311 from a gentleman who answered one of my "WTB Beaters" posts on the yellow forum. The 310 had low power and is missing the front sight hood and rear sight elevator. There's some good info about the 310 up on Tom Gaylord's blog (part 1&2, part 3&4), as well as this Russian forum post, And although it's about the 310-4...
The 310 shoots 4.4mm round ball. I'll talk more about that later but I wonder if anyone knows of a source for precision round lead balls in 4.4mm (called "punktkugeln") from Germany? I found a few websites but am hesitant to order online in a foreign language...JG Airguns does have shot but I fear it's the same shot as the other US sourced shot I have which is not round (if it is truly round, let me know!). JG Airguns also has used Haenel 310s for $99.99 which is a pretty good deal if they're in ok shape.

The 310-2 held by my hard working imp.

The front sight is missing the hood. ("korntunnel")

And the rear missing the elevator.

Modell 3.102? Or 3102 or 310-2...nomenclature is confusing.

The 12 round magazine.

The magazine well.

Inserted into the rifle.

Low power...although Tom Gaylord had similar velocities...

One screw removed...

And the middle screw...

And the front trigger screw.

Shorter screw is the front screw.

The action.

The magazine well.

I pried off the cover.

The pin for the bolt pushes out. I straightened the bolt and pulled it free.

Pin holds the end cap.

The somewhat complex safety knob end...

I pulled out the trigger group. The piece of sheetmetal also pulls off. I believe it is a cutoff to keep the gun safe when cocking.

The parts removed so far. I have no great incentive to disassemble the trigger group.
More to come...

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